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Islands, between sea and mountain 🚴‍♀️
Close your eyes and imagine an island. What comes to your mind? Certainly the answer will be sea. The association island=beach is firm in the minds of many and can often sound a bit obvious. What if we told you that the island is not just that? Be careful, no one will take away your dream beaches, crystal clear sea and enviable tan, but if you look closely, there are more experiences to live on an island than you think. Many islands are lucky enough to be able to boast of magnificent and blue waters, but also of crazy mountain panoramas: a unique spectacle where sea and mountains become the protagonists and coexist, offering new, wonderful and unforgettable points of view. Ready for adventure?🏝
Holiday in Corsica: discovering the North 🗺
Majestic and calm, sparkling and energetic: a land with a thousand facets. Immersed in a crystal sea, dominated by hills of over 2000 meters, full of adventurous activities in the purest nature and splendid historic citadels in which to stroll. Don't you think there are already enough reasons to visit it? The north of the island which turns towards Cap Corse is undoubtedly the wildest and least affected by mass tourism and it is possible, even in the high season, to carve out some space to fully enjoy the tranquility of the place. If you have opted for this part of the island there are some destinations that you just cannot do without visit! Read on to get to know them all👇🏼
Elba Island and diving: which ones to choose? 🤿
If diving is something exciting, diving to discover the depths of the Island of Elba is even more so. Waiting for you colorful fish close to the coast, mysterious wrecks and sensational colors. Each side of the island offers unique experiences and allows you to observe Elba from a different but essential perspective to fully understand it. Contact with the sea is essential to get in tune with this heavenly place and discover its true essence. There are many dives you can do, thanks to the all different seabeds that give the island an enviable biodiversity. But which dive spots not to miss? 🌊
Not all islands are on Instagram!
You know, if you are here you are surely looking for something exclusive. No more photos at sunset on the rooftops of Santorini, no more selfies with the stacks of Capri in the background or videos of parrots in Tenerife: you want more. Instragram just doesn't help you, the photos posted are always the usual, hackneyed. You definitely deserve a better, exclusive feed. Don't worry, we already have 5 breathtaking islands in mind that are right for you. Super photogenic, little known, pristine... in short, without too many words, beautiful 🤩
Island or city? This is the dilemma
The time comes for everyone to choose their holidays and the dilemma is always lurking: city or island? If you are still overwhelmed by doubts, fear not: we present in just 5 points the reasons why you should prefer an island holiday to the city. Ready? Go!👇🏼
Even the islands have a personality: how to choose the best one
“Okey, I want to go to the sea, but which island do I choose?”. Have you ever thought about it? We all agree, understanding which is the right destination is very important in order not to run into any unpleasant misunderstandings. But don't worry! There are so many islands and finding the right one for you won't be that difficult. Just like people, islands also have a unique character, spirit and soul that are transmitted to the visitor at every moment of the trip. Fun and playful islands, inspired and reflective, sweet and daring. Ready to find out which one is right for you? Read on 👇🏼
Elba by bike: that's why
The Island of Elba is a very popular destination for cycle tourism. Small and on a human scale, it is possible to visit it entirely by bicycle without particular difficulties; however, if you love heroic feats on two wheels, don't worry, there are routes suitable for everyone, from those on the road to those for BMX on the incredible dirt roads of the place. In case you don't want to take it with you, keep in mind that many shops and apartments offer rental bikes, you certainly won't be without them!
The beauty of the islands: unique and different 💞
Have you seen one island, seen them all? Absolutely not! Each island has its common traits with others, it is true, but it also has unique and special nuances that will make your experience unforgettable. "Classifying" the islands is really difficult, there are recurring characteristics and particularities to take into account. Any examples? Read on 👇🏼
Elba in the blue: the first dive 🌊
Have you thought at least once in your life of trying to dive? If you are planning a holiday on the island of Elba, know that it is exactly the right choice. The Tuscan islands are an incredible fortune for diving lovers! Located in the middle of a splendid sea with infinite diving spots with seabeds to be discovered and a very rich marine fauna: once you have discovered all this you will not be able to wait to dive again, guaranteed!
The magic of the islands. Why choose a holiday with Isliday?
All right, you've already seen many sites where you can book your holidays! So why should you choose Isliday? Easy, ours is not a simple holiday booking site, it is much more. First of all, Isliday is by no means generic, but focuses on the world of islands, exploring and discovering them in depth, sharing all useful information with you. What is Isliday's mission? Let you know the island world, not only for the splendid sea and the scorching sun, but also for the hidden and lesser-known pearls, making your holiday a charm at any time of the year.
Holiday Homes, is it really the right choice for a dream vacation?
Want a vacation? Book a vacation home. It's true, the hotel is comfortable: services included, luxuries, scented linen every day and many other incredible comforts. But have you ever thought about the benefits that really matter? If the answer is no, you will probably change your mind by reading this article. Oh yes, you will definitely change your mind. Ready?🛳
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Not all islands are on Instagram!

The magic of the islands. Why choose a holiday with Isliday?

Elba Island and diving: which ones to choose? 🤿