Economic question

Needless to lie, one of the things you check first when booking is the prices. A holiday home is undoubtedly the cheaper choice than a hotel, especially for a group of people. For example, for a family or a group of friends, the costs of an apartment can be divided, which would not be possible in a hotel where several rooms would have to be booked. Do you want to put a hotel room with a villa with a swimming pool, a beautiful living room, perhaps with a sea view or a stone's throw from the beach? More than a luxury hotel. Another trick to save money? With the holiday home you won't be forced to dine out every day, but you can do your shopping as comfortably as at home, containing costs and choosing what you like best, perhaps some local fish or a nice barbecue with friends. Less expenses in exchange for larger spaces and freedom. It almost seems like magic, doesn't it? 

Viva la vida local

The accommodation chosen greatly influences our opinion of a holiday, which is why it is important to book the best one. Staying in an apartment will help you get in touch with the reality of the place, find out how the inhabitants live, see their homes, learn about their domestic customs. In the hotel, the areas are very often devoid of personality, and above all they do not reflect the soul and style of a locality. A mountain hut, to be clear, will be different from an Apulian trullo or a Greek cottage, but no hotel can resemble one of these three. Choose the best accommodation to fully immerse yourself in the local atmosphere, it will be enchanting. Not only that, through a holiday home it will be easier to get in touch with the hosts who will become a precious source of advice and information for you that no other structure can give you. Have we not convinced you yet?

All together passionately

Families, groups, friends, work colleagues. Would you rather be all together, but can't that be done in a hotel?  Vacation home is the answer. In this way you will be able to organize yourself in the best possible way, without having to establish meeting times and places. Just look for an apartment with the beds you need, and spend a magical holiday in company. 

Forget the clock! On vacation it comes off

In the hotel there are precise times to be respected: openings and closings of the main doors, times for breakfast, lunch or dinner, beyond which you will remain fasting. You know, on vacation it's very difficult to wake up really early (that's what you have to work every day!). With the holiday home you will have no limits, it will be possible to go out or come home at the time you prefer, in complete autonomy. Fancy a spaghetti dinner at midnight? With the holiday home you can.

The necessary space

Another difference between a home and a hotel concerns the spaces. While in a hotel you will probably find yourself constantly sharing a room with someone, in a vacation home you will be able to manage the spaces in the best possible way. Smart working time? Set up an area for your work. Are you looking for some privacy? You can choose a room to relax. If, on the other hand, you have the desire to invite someone to dinner and you just can't in the hotel, remember that it can be done in a holiday home. Who knows, maybe during your trip you will meet an old childhood friend or new travel companions, invite them to dinner. The spaces are large and it is often possible to take advantage of external areas, such as barbecue areas or terraces overlooking the sea. Alone or in company, the spaces of a house can be used as you prefer, thus making your experience positive. But above all, it will be a great choice to feel at home on any island. 

Welcome four-legged friends

Do your animal friends struggle to be accepted in hotels? No problem. Luckily there are holiday homes. By now almost all structures are pet-friendly, just like your home. In some lucky cases, you will even find outdoor common areas where you can let them run around without problems, because they too need a vacation from time to time. 

Have we convinced you now? We could still write a lot about why a holiday home is much more comfortable than a hotel, but what do you think is enough for today?! Feel at home, on every island in the world with Isliday 🏡