Holiday homes in Zakynthos

Holiday Homes in Zakynthos: the island of poets

Zakynthos has always aroused great emotions, an island capable of inspiring even the greatest poets who have dedicated the most beautiful verses to it.

Imagine a vacation here, in a magnificent setting holiday home in Zakynthos, surrounded by all those beauties told in the most beautiful poems. An island full of natural wonders, with absolute charm, with magnificent beaches and a nature to be discovered.

Although it is very touristy, some areas such as the western one are less known, making a relaxing visit possible even during the summer season. Take advantage and run to Isliday.com to not miss the most beautiful holiday homes in Zakynthos!

The most beautiful Greek beaches in Zakynthos

In Zakynthos the beaches are many and all different from each other. We advise you to visit at least one different one every day, moving around the island, so as not to miss all the sceneries that Zakynthos has to offer.

Baia Laganas, especially if you are lucky enough to visit it when the Caretta Caretta turtle eggs hatch, it will be an experience that you will hardly be able to forget in your life. Alternatively you can swim with these beautiful creatures in the beautiful Turtle Island, so called for its characteristic turtle shape.

If you decide to rent one of the beautiful holiday apartments in Zakynthosyou can also discover the North coast through boat tours. Rich in unique scenarios where you can take a swim, the North Coast is the perfect destination to fall in love with the island. Discover the Blue Caves, rocky conformations that give space to very white caves in the middle of an incredibly blue sea or the Sfogio beach, with its natural arch.

Also not to be missed is the very famous Shipwreck beach, which offers one of the most spectacular seas of the island with its intense blue and which can also be admired from above through an undemanding trek. In short, the sea is definitely the key element of this splendid corner of the world.

Holiday apartments in Zakynthos: between villages and landscapes

If you are looking for calm and tranquillity, rent a car and move to the hinterland north of Zakynthos among pine forests, Mediterranean scrub and splendid woods. In this area you will find many truly splendid hamlets where you can touch the traditions of the island with your own hands, between a taste of typical honey and a delicious pita bread. You will also find picturesque churches, such as that of San Mavra a Maherado or that of St. Nikolas a Kiliomeno, characterized by an unusual bell tower without a roof.

Another alternative way to get to know the island is to savor its spectacular panoramas. One of the viewpoints that will leave you breathless will surely be that of Mizithres: the shades of blue here are indescribable and make the view super romantic. And why miss a typical Greek mill? That of Potamitis is among the most popular and evocative of all Zakynthos: camera in hand, especially during sunset!

A holiday home in Zakynthos is all you need to spend your best holidays: find the perfect one on Isliday.com!