Holiday home in Rhodes

Holiday home in Rhodes: between relaxation and history

Have you ever thought about renting one holiday home in Rhodes in view of the summer?

An island that is often underestimated and not talked about so often, compared to other Greek islands, hides instead many places that could be just right for you!

Rhodes is in fact an island that lends itself to being visited at any time of the year, considering the numerous activities on offer: from the glittering beaches in the summer to the villages rich in history in the winter. Choose the most suitable moment for you, you can't go wrong!

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Apartments for rent in Rhodes: a dive into history

Staying in one ofapartments for rent in Rhodesit will be a unique experience thanks to the unique scenarios that the island offers. Not only is it a place full of beaches where you can sunbathe or swim, but it is also an island where you can breathe the history of ancient Greece and beyond.

For a cultural visit to the island of Rhodes you cannot miss:

  • theMandraki Harbor Columns, iconic symbol of Rhodes. At the center of these columns it is thought that the Colossus of Rhodes was placed in the center, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
  • Beautiful, an archaeological site overlooking the sea with a millenary charm. The acropolis is located more than 100 meters above sea level and can be reached via a somewhat tortuous path, but once at the top you will be fascinated by the beauty of the place! If you like sites of this kind you will also like the one ofKamiros.
  • ThePalace of the Grand Master, the most important fortress of the city and above all the headquarters of the Knights of St. John. Visiting it will take you back in time, making you breathe a particular medieval atmosphere
  • Monolithos, a very nice village in which stands a castle from the Venetian era which once served as an impregnable lookout, thanks to its strategic position.

Relaxation and tranquillity: the Rhodes of peace

If after having filled up on history you are looking for a little relaxation then we have found what is right for you! Four places you shouldn't miss during your stay in aapartment for rent in Rhodes.

  1. The seven springs: immersed in the greenery of the maquis, these waterfalls are a true natural wonder where you can dive and relax.
  2. Terme di Kalithea: a spa center born in 1929 which today is an institution for the island, ideal for enjoying an afternoon dedicated to well-being.
  3. Butterfly Valley: imagine a walk immersed in a forest full of butterflies. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of nature or enjoy finding the most beautiful colorful butterflies fluttering around you.
  4. Isola di Chalki: this islet a short distance from Rhodes is the most suitable place for those who want to disconnect their mind. Small but delightful, you can walk around it here and there, exploring the villages populated by local fishermen and enjoying an excellent Greek pita bread.

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