1- One step away from the sea🌊

Raise your hand if you dream of waking up with a sea view ✋🏻

Who wants to walk barefoot on the beach in search of inspiration or simply peace? Here, on an island it is immediately reality.
It will take very little to get to the beach, wherever you are. In a flash you can dive into the blue without having to face endless hours by car and enjoy this paradise all around you. Aperitifs, lunches, dinners, bike rides will all be strictly with the sea in front of you, incredible right? 

2 – Goodbye frenzy

Carpe diem is a motto that is always in vogue. In a routine of stress and agitation, the island is that place where you can still live carefree. Why choose a confusing city? Choose the island and forget the elegant clothes to go to the office, the uncomfortable heels that you hate so much and the agenda full of commitments: life here is much less rigid. No one will ask you to always be impeccable and punctual, so enjoy every moment of your day and give yourself some time.
There is no need to rush, on an island time is perceived differently. We live much more slowly, savoring long walks at sunset or a chat with friends. No traffic or crazy drivers, you will discover a whole new way of living your days and you will fall in love with it.

3 Of course love

Contact with nature is something you can hardly find in a city.
The scent of the sea, the animals in freedom, the dirt roads, even the spontaneous fruit on the trees will be some of the little things that will make you tune into this dimension. The absence of pollution will allow you to live unique experiences. Have you ever tried to observe the starry sky? Have you heard an owl hoot? Don't forget that the climate is also a strong point! The island, mild even in winter, allows those who want to be able to carry out outdoor activities without having to suffer from frost and to enjoy days of bright sunshine even in the winter months. The beach in winter is a marvel for the few, don't miss it!

4 – My house is your house🏡

The human relationship and the warmth that you can find in such a small place will amaze you. On an island everyone knows everyone (or almost), you live like a big family.
Warmth, collaboration and solidarity are very important components. On an island you will still find children playing football in the squares, people standing in the middle of the street sharing the latest news and gentlemen on the benches. Small details that will make you feel pampered and at home, hosted and welcomed in the best possible way. Could you say the same thing about big cities?

5- But the shops?

It's true, in the city there are really a lot of shops and shopping centers and they are very convenient. But are they really decisive on your choice?
On the island there will certainly be little shops, even if small, of local crafts. Helping small producers is very important and not so obvious. These little shops hide really delicious things that the big centers won't be able to offer you and a highly sought-after attention to customers. If you then think about the possibility of eating and drinking well, the islands have a lot to offer in this too. Fishing, agriculture, breeding, and so on and so forth! The islands offer immense resources from which to draw, almost completely at km0: eating well and local will not be a mirage, but an incredible possibility. Consuming local products is not only a huge advantage for you but also for the environment.

The reasons for choosing an island instead of a city are certainly these and many others, what we can assure you is that whichever island you choose, you will not be disappointed.

Are you more of a beach or city person? We definitely from 🌊