Owner conditions
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Last updated 13 December 2021.
1.0. Introduction
1.1. These Owners General Conditions (hereinafter abbreviated to "G.C.C.") constitute a legally binding agreement between Gate srl, based in via G. Cacciò 5, Portoferraio (LI), VAT number 01976730497, and any other party that uses or accesses to the portal of property announcements or rights of use of Gate srl to offer or advertise any leased property, including owners, tenants and property managers (collectively hereinafter referred to as the "Owner").
1.2. Gate srl provides the online portal www.isliday.com hereinafter referred to as the "Portal" and various tools, services and functions that allow property owners / managers to publish an ad relating to a property and travelers of book this property. Payments relating to bookings made through the "Portal" are managed using third party payment service providers in particular by Stripe Payments Europe
1.3. If the Owners are corporations, partnerships or other entities, the person who uses the Portal by accepting these general conditions declares that he has the authority to bind the company or entity he represents to these general conditions.
1.4. Gate srl does not allow registration on the Portal to anyone who does not have the ability to conclude legally binding contracts.
1.5. Gate srl may modify these general conditions at its sole discretion whenever it deems it necessary, for reasons such as technical development, changes to company operations, products and new features or due to changes to the laws in force. The Owners therefore undertake to periodically read this page to update the most recent Owners / Managers General Conditions, as they are binding.
1.6. The Owner who violates these "GCC" will be suspended from accessing and using the Portal and removed the relevant announcement, even without notice. Gate s.r.l reserves the right to request any damage to image and / or other that may be caused.
1.7. Owners can be either individual property owners acting on the basis of a relationship between consumers, or real estate or tourist agencies acting on the basis of a relationship between professional and consumer. The Owner has full responsibility for any representations they make to Travelers regarding this role.

2.0. The Site is only a meeting place
2.1. The Portal is a meeting place that allows Owners to advertise one or more rental properties and a user (Traveler) to book it. The Portal offers the possibility of online reservations and other tools or services to allow Owners and Travelers to communicate with each other and to stipulate leases or other transactions between them. The lease agreements are concluded exclusively between the Traveler and the Owner. The portal is not part of, and does not become part of, any contractual relationship between the Traveler and the Owner, and does not act as a mediator between the Traveler and the Owner should any dispute arise between them. The Owners acknowledge and accept that Traveler and Owner will be required to fulfill the obligations deriving from any aforementioned contract, that the Portal is not part of said contracts and that, without prejudice to the obligations relating to payments that the Portal is authorized to collect on behalf of of the Owner, declines any responsibility deriving from these contracts, even if the Portal facilitates the booking of accommodation.

3.0. Ads
3.1. By creating an advertisement, the Owners must comply with everything present and provided for by these "G.C.C."
3.2. All the advertisements placed on the Portal are of the "Instant Booking" o "Reservation Request" type with online payments. The Portal systems manage all the phases of the reservation from the deposit request to the balance, to the forwarding of the online check-in. The Owner undertakes to manage the communications and requests that each individual Traveler may send through the platform and the Portal tools.
3.3. Any variation to the availability of each individual advertisement can be made by the Owner himself through his own dedicated area. In the event that the owner does not promptly update a period not available for an accommodation and receives a reservation for the same period, he will be obliged to accept the reservation or alternatively to pay the cost of the Portal service in addition to any expenses necessary for the rerouting of the Traveler with other accommodation available on the Portal.
3.4. The payments in favor of the Owner can be made by bank transfer or virtual credit card chosen by the owner himself from his own reserved area.
3.5. The Owners undertake to provide correct and up-to-date information in each advertisement such as description, fees, taxes and cancellation policy and cannot impose conditions on the Traveler other than those entered by himself in the Advertisement. Failure to comply with the obligations established in these "G.C.C." may result in permanent exclusion from the Portal and from any of our affiliated sites.
3.6. The Advertisements on the Portal will be visible indefinitely; however, Gate reserves the right to remove any Announcements at its sole discretion. The Owner can also suspend his Advertisement at any time, through his own reserved area.
3.7. The Advertisements may be displayed on other Portals also owned by third parties, as well as on the sites of the companies with which Gate srl may have signed distribution agreements, to the extent that these sites allow immediate bookings or reservation request to be made. However, Gate srl does not provide any guarantee of publication, except on the Portal on which the Owner originally registered his Announcement and within the limits of Gate srl's right to publish or not an Announcement.

4.0. Cost of advertisements
4.1. The advertisements on the Portal are published free of charge, a commission due to Gate srl will be charged equal to a percentage calculated on the total revenues of each booking made through the Portal, including the additional services provided by the owner, as described at the time of insertion. of the advertisement ("Service Fee"). Gate srl reserves the right to change the applicable cost of the service. The new Service Fee rate will be deemed accepted if the Owner does not remove their Listing before the new Service Fee is applied.
4.2. The calculation of the Cost of the service will not include the amounts charged for any other product or service purchased by the Traveler and provided by Gate srl, such as insurance products.
4.3. The cost of the service is 15%.
4.4. The collection and processing of the amounts paid by the Travelers, as well as the forwarding of the amounts due to the Owner are managed by Gate srl which provides assistance to the Travelers to make the payments, Gate srl has no responsibility for the correct payment of the booking.
4.5. Payments for stays to Owners, minus the cost of the service, will be forwarded to Owners within 48 hours after the arrival of customers by bank transfer to Iban that the individual Owner will indicate in his profile and which will be visible only and exclusively to Gate srl operators or with virtual credit card.

5.0. Use of the service
5.1. At the time of registration, the Owner is assigned a user profile, in which the data provided by him are kept and in which all the Properties offered by them are specified ("Reserved Area").
5.2. The reserved area provides various functions that are intended to help Owners manage their Properties through the Portal; these functions are made available "as they are", and Gate srl does not guarantee that the reserved area and its functions are perfect and error-free.
5.3. By placing an advertisement, the Owner grants Gate srl, for the duration of the publication on the Portal, a non-exclusive and worldwide license of their intellectual property rights and precisely for everything that it autonomously enters into the Portal through its own reserved area.
5.4. The communications sent using the Portal can be viewed by the Traveler and the Owner who are parties to the communication, as well as by the employees and representatives of the Gate srl Group in order to be able to comply with their obligations as well as to verify compliance with the "C.G.P" Owners.
5.5. Messages sent through the Gate srl systems must only be relevant to matters strictly concerning reservations. It is forbidden to misuse the systems of Gate srl, Owners and Travelers are solely responsible for the contents of the communications exchanged between them.
5.6. Gate srl charges a variable service fee to Travelers who book accommodation from the Portal. The cost of the service is necessary to cover expenses such as customer assistance for Travelers, collection costs etc .. Depending on the legislation in force in the jurisdiction of the Traveler and / or the Owner, the cost of the service may be subject to (or may include) VAT, or other equivalent indirect taxes. The Owners undertake not to encourage or advise Travelers to avoid or evade the cost of the service applied by Gate srl.

6.0. Announcements details and services
6.1. Gate srl uses an automatic translation service. Owners can use this free service to have their ads translated as well. The Owner acknowledges and accepts that this is an automatic translation system and that they often have errors. The Owner is therefore advised to re-read the translation and correct any inaccuracies.
6.2. Gate srl uses Google Analytics to view statistics on the use of the Portal. Google may aggregate data collected by various Google services, including Analytics, Google Translate, Google Maps and other Google services, including YouTube. The Owner accepts that Gate srl has no control over the data collection carried out by Google.
6.3. The Owner can activate a free text message service that warns him of any new bookings and booking requests relating to the Ads. The Owner acknowledges that a text message is not 100% reliable and may be subject to connection and blocking problems outside the control of Gate s.r.l. The Owner accepts that sms messages are monitored by Gate s.r.l.
6.4. With the acceptance of these conditions, the Owner acknowledges and accepts that the synchronization service of advertisements with other portals may be inaccurate, therefore in the event of any overbooking, nothing can be requested in any way from Gate srl; this is because Gate guarantees the reading from other portals of a possible new booking every 5 minutes which is not guaranteed by the other synchronized portals.

7.0. Positioning and Display in Search Results
7.1. Gate s.r.l does not guarantee that an advertisement will be displayed in a specific order in the search results on the Portals because the same order varies according to the filters used by Travelers and the preferences of the latter. Gate s.r.l reserves the right to apply search algorithms or to use methods to optimize positioning results and improve the Traveler experience.

8.0. Termination clause.

8.1. Gate srl will be authorized to remove an advertisement if it believes that:
- the Announcement or other associated content contains material that violates these "GTC", the laws, regulations in force or the rights of any person or entity;
- An Owner has posted unsuitable material or has abused the Site;
- The announcement of an Owner or its conditions are unacceptable or unfair or if they reach Gate s.r.l complaints from any user such as to believe the immediate removal of the announcements of an Owner as for example in the case in which the Owner has activated the mode online booking, but you do not accept the booking although the accommodation is available or cancel the booking;
- An Owner has held an abusive or offensive attitude towards a Traveler or an employee or representative of Gate srl;
- An Owner uses a false identity.

9.0. Gate srl rights and obligations
9.1. Gate srl may modify, suspend or interrupt any aspect of the Portal, including the layout and availability of the functions, databases or contents of the Portal at any time without notice.
9.2. Gate srl will try as much as possible to accurately reproduce on the Portal any photograph provided by the Owner. However, the Owner acknowledges that differences may emerge with respect to the individual screen settings, and that Gate s.r.l will not be liable in any way in the event of such differences.
9.3. Gate srl can carry out identity checks and request proof to verify the existence of an accommodation and / or the Owner and the title of ownership. If Gate srl, even following the information provided by the Travelers, suspects that the Owner has provided false information, the same will have to prove the contrary, otherwise his announcement will be suspended.
9.4. Gate srl complies with the terms of its Privacy Policy and with regard to Cookies. The Owners authorize Gate srl to transmit their contact details, including telephone number, name and address, to Travelers in connection with an accommodation reservation.
9.5. Gate srl reserves the right to transfer these "GCS", as well as to assign or subcontract or sublicense any right and obligation under these conditions to third parties or any other entity.
9.6. Gate s.r.l may provide, directly or indirectly, new services aimed at developing or improving the quality of the Portal and therefore of the advertisements and also from time to time create new locations or modify the locations or descriptions of the geographical areas used where they are located.
9.7. The Owners are exclusively required to ensure the accuracy of the content of the Announcement and the descriptions of the location and geographical area. In any case, the Owner will be responsible for the addresses provided and which will be used as a basis for the calculation of applicable taxes. In particular, the Owner 's billing address will be used for the calculation of the applicable VAT, while the address on the advertisement will be used for the calculation of the applicable tourist tax.

10.0. Intellectual property.
10.1. The Site is owned by Gate s.r.l. All content on the Site is protected by copyright and database rights. Any reproduction of the Site, either in its entirety or in part, is prohibited, including copying of text, graphics and images.

11.0. Rights and obligations of the Owner
11.1. The Owner agrees to provide correct information relating to his personal identity, billing address, payment details. The Owner also assumes the responsibility of ensuring the continuous accuracy and updating of the above information for the entire duration of the presence on the Site of the Advertisement.
11.2. The Owner guarantees and declares for the entire duration of the advertisement of an accommodation on the Portal under penalty of cancellation of his advertisement:
- to be the Owner and / or have all the rights and authority necessary to lease and accept reservations for the accommodation published by him in the advertisement.
- that all the information provided to Gate srl is accurate and up-to-date, including, by way of example and not limited to, all statements made regarding an accommodation, its services, its location, the price, as well as its availability for date or period
- to reimburse the sums due in accordance with the applicable cancellation policy or the reference lease agreement, except to the extent that this refers to Tourist taxes previously collected by Gate srl.
- to maintain a precise booking calendar on its advertisements;
- to make every effort to respond to all travelers' booking requests within 24 hours of receiving a booking request;
- to ensure that your Ads do not violate the law or the rights of any natural or legal person. And that they must not contain false information or that violate copyrights or data protection legislation.
- not to insert false or misleading images and must not violate the rights related to privacy, intellectual property rights or any other rights of third parties.
11.3. If the deposit is deposited on the portal, the owner must report any damage caused by the traveler within 48 hours of leaving the same (check-out) exclusively by e-mail. After this deadline, the portal will be authorized to return the deposit to the traveler. On the other hand, in the event of damage caused to the accommodation by the Traveler, the Owner must quantify the amount of the damage suffered and at the same time send the results to the portal, justifying the relative amount. In this case, the Portal will subtract the amount of the damage from the deposit by sending it to the Owner and returning the difference to the Traveler. In the event that the deposit does not cover the damage caused by the traveler, it will be the owner's responsibility to take action against the traveler, since Gate srl is excluded from any liability of any type or reason with the acceptance of these conditions.
11.4. If Gate srl, through one of its guarantee or protection programs, should decide to compensate a Traveler for a loss caused by actions or omissions attributable to an Owner, Gate srl reserves the right to take legal action against the Owner for the amount paid by Gate srl, or to the payment of which Gate srl contributed, to compensate for the loss.

12.0. Taxes
12.1. The Owner is solely responsible, unless otherwise provided in national legislation, for determining his obligations to report, collect, pay or to include in his Announcement any applicable VAT or any other indirect sales tax, tourist tax, tourist tax, on gross profits, real estate or other visitor or income tax (hereinafter referred to as "Taxes").
12.2. The tax regulations could oblige Gate s.r.l to collect adequate tax information from the Owners, to withhold taxes, for example "dry coupon" from payments made to Owners to pay them to the State. If an Owner does not provide us with the documentation to carry out our obligations in tax matters, Gate s.r.l will be authorized to withhold all the amounts due to the owner until the same does not provide what is requested.
12.3. The cost of the service is escluse of VAT if due.
12.4. If the Owner is resident in a Member State of the European Union and is registered for VAT purposes in that Member State, he must provide Gate srl with his valid VAT number, so that Gate srl can apply the reverse charge mechanism to the costs of the service. . If the Owner resides in the UK, the reverse charge mechanism is not applicable and the UK VAT charge will apply.
12.5. The Owner undertakes to pay the tourist taxes on behalf of the Traveler if the territory where his accommodation is located requires it. The owner can request the payment of the tourist tax also through Gate s.r.l by applying this rate in the accommodation advertisement.
12.6. The Owner expressly indemnifies Gate s.r.l as well as its officers, directors, employees and agents from and against any claim, liability, damage, loss, debt, obligation and expense, including, by way of example but not limited to, legal fees and / or reasonable accounting, deriving from or related in any way to Tourist Taxes, including, by way of example but not limited to, the applicability, calculation, collection or payment of Tourist Taxes for any amount relating to your transactions.

13.0. Prohibitions
13.1. It is forbidden to use the Gate srl site, platform or systems for purposes other than those permitted by these "GCS";
13.2. The Owner is prohibited from using the Portal or its functions for reservations for accommodation not published on the Portal.
13.3. It is forbidden to reproduce any portion of the Site on another site or in any other way, using any device, including, but not limited to, the use of a border or frame around the Site, or any other framing technique to enclose parts or features of the Site, or reflect or reproduce any part of the Site;
13.4. It is forbidden to upload or send any content or program on the Site which, due to its size or characteristics, could damage the computers or networks of Gate s.r.l;
13.5. It is forbidden to use or access the Site or the platform or systems of Gate srl in any way that endangers any computer or network system, including by making available any type of virus (for this purpose, "virus" means any program deliberately introduced into a system that performs a useless and / or destructive function, such as the display of an irritating message or the systematic overwriting of information on the user's hard disk).

14.0. Applicable law and competent court
14.1. For any disputes and disputes, only the Court of Livorno and its branch offices will be competent. ;

15.0. Translations
15.1. The original text of these conditions is in Italian. The translated versions are unofficial and therefore have no legal value. In the event of disputes, differences or conflicts between the Italian text and the text in other languages, the Italian version will prevail.