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Holiday Homes in Crete: the cradle of civilization

You are considering renting one of the magnificent onesholiday homes in Crete?

One of the largest islands in the entire Mediterranean and also one of the most fascinating, made famous by the famous legend of Theseus and the Minotaur, it mixes modern charm with that of the past.

Choose one of oursholiday homes in Crete, among the remains of ancient buildings and lively towns and let yourself be transported into the Greek world and beyond! Yes, because this splendid island has been a crossroads of peoples for centuries, who have definitely left their mark and who will keep you speechless throughout the journey!

P.S. Don't be surprised if next to an elegant Christian church you will find a colorful mosque!

Ready to discover it?


Crete is an island that must be visited taking into account its history. Cradle of the Mycenaean civilization, it is a fascinating place where one can breathe the mythical times of King Minos. If you have absolutely no idea what to choose, we recommend three truly delicious places to put on your list during your stay in yours holiday home in Crete!

  1. Palace ofKnossos

Dating back to 1700 BC, the Palace of Knossos is absolutely an artistic and cultural heritage not to be missed! The huge site had both religious and political importance: here resided all the Minoan nobility and above all the great kingMinos, famous for the legend of the labyrinth ofMinotaur! Lose yourself in the alleys of the ancient citadel that smells of myths and legends, let yourself be carried away by the imagination: the memory of this place will be indelible.

  1. Archaeological site ofParty

Second most important archaeological site, Festo is really very large and full of areas to explore. From the theater arena to the royal apartments, you will feel like taking a real dive into the past, discovering the ancient Cretan civilization.

  1. Kortyna

Grotyna also retains the remains of an ancient city state. What makes it special, however, are thecity ​​laws: in fact, just behind the theater, laws were found, carved into twelve columns, which recited civil, criminal and commercial rights which were decidedly avant-garde for the time. The one of Grotyna is considered today one of the most important codes of ancient Greece.


Crete offers not only a great cultural heritage, but also a magnificent natural variety. A holiday home in Crete it will allow you to savor the most pristine and wild side of the island, where you can completely disconnect your mind to reconnect to a slower pace.

Enjoy a relaxing day on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island such as those ofElafonissi, with its pink hues, or the one hidden between the creeks ofSeitan Limania.Savor the pleasure of a walk in nature, exploring one of the numerous gorges on the island, such as the breathtaking one ofSamaria or arriving at the wonderful waterfall of the gorge ofdir: real postcard landscapes!

Why not? You could treat yourself to an unforgettable sunset atFalassarna, accompanied by the sound of the waves on the shoreline.

This paradise awaits you. Don't miss out on the bestholiday homes in Creteare Isliday.com!