Gran Canaria holiday homes

Holiday home in Gran Canaria: an island to be discovered

If you are thinking of reaching a destination where you can spend unforgettable moments between the sun and the sea, we advise you to choose among our splendidholiday homes in Gran Canaria.

A destination that will amaze you with its incredible sand dunes and volcanic formations, taking walks with crazy views or discovering enchanted villages.
We are certain that once the holiday is over you will be eager to return!

On Isliday.com, the travel portal on the islands, you will be spoiled for choice between residences, apartments andholiday homes in Gran Canaria.

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Apartment in Gran Canaria: discovering nature

Rent one holiday home in Gran Canaria gives the possibility to discover the island in complete autonomy, without fear of running into pre-established rhythms. In this way you will be able to immerse yourself completely in nature, slowly and without haste, discovering wonderful corners.

The most famous natural areas to visit are certainly thedone in Maspalomas, a nature reserve overlooking the sea that looks like an unusual desert!

Among the treks not to be missed is the one atRoque Nublo, a rock of volcanic origin which represents a place of worship for the natives. From here you will have a splendid view of the island: do not forget your camera!

History lovers can count on a visit to theCanarian Museum. Built on top of an ancient aboriginal village, this splendid museum preserves not only Canarian objects and traditions but also thePainted Cave of Gáldar,result of more than 20 years of excavations and clear evidence of how the population once lived.

Even the beaches in Gran Canaria are truly beautiful and all different: from the most lively and full of servicesEnglish beachto the wildestConfital Beach

OGuayedra Beach,perfect for those who love tranquility and distance from the summer chaos.

Whatever your needs, you will find the most suitable area for you for a good dip in the crystal clear waters of the island.

The 5 villages not to be missed in Gran Canaria

Andapartment in Gran Canaria it will already be the right way to immerse yourself in the lifestyle of the locals, it is true ... but what could be better than a walk through the villages of the island to fully immerse yourself in the tradition of the place?

Here are five countries that you absolutely must not miss on your trip to

this island paradise!

1 - vegeta, the historic center of Las Palmas and a UNESCO heritage site full of truly unique museums and alleys where you can enjoy pleasant hours of walking.

2 - Arguineguin, a truly authentic fishing village, where you can stroll at sunset and shop at the largest and most typical market on the island.

3 - Arucas,the city of the largest rum distillery in the Canaries! Ready to taste?

4 - harbor, considered one of the most beautiful villages, it is full of points of interest such as an ancient mill and splendid artisan shops. From here you will have a splendid view of the valley of the Thousand Palms.

5- Terror,a very characteristic village, with delightful wooden balconies and narrow and very cute alleys.

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