Even the origin has its importance: the geology of the islands ⛰
No guys, it's not a geography lesson, but only characteristics that could help you choose the most suitable destination for your holidays.

The volcanic islands, for example, are those born from the eruption of underground volcanoes and therefore composed of solidified lava and magmas. Sicily, the Azores, even the beautiful Santorini, are part of this type of islands. If you are looking for green and luxuriant nature, mountains, black and red sand beaches, lakes and silent craters then this is the type of island that best suits you. Islands that over time have developed their own ecosystem, often completely different from that of other islands.

The continental, on the other hand, are those that slowly over time have detached themselves from a continent, such as Sicily, which in fact has geographical characteristics very similar to those of the "boot".

Isolated but not too much, a meeting of cultures
Mix of colours, perfumes, flavours, languages and then the Phoenician, English, Etruscan, Roman dominations.
That's what cultural islands are. Those islands where you are amazed at every step, which need no introduction, those where contact with the locals helps to discover their true essence. Malta and Lampedusa are the perfect example of this. Two islands born and raised with encounters between peoples. Two islands that have rich identities, with a thousand facets. Every corner will tell you a different story, leaving you fascinated. 

Islands in archipelagos
Islands are often part of archipelagos which include many.
Ever thought about visiting a full house? The Aeolian Islands, the Tuscan archipelago, or the Pontine archipelago, are easy to discover entirely with a sailboat. You will have the opportunity to see with your own eyes the similarities and differences of places so closely linked to each other even if isolated.  A unique way to get to know all the common rulers of the islands, exploring them by sea as well as by land.

Dream blue islands
Snorkeling and diving lovers, listen up! The islands are excellent destinations for these activities and there are really a lot of them to visit, but what better islands than those protected by national parks? The protection of these bodies will make your dives even more incredible, you will admire the richness of the seas, you will come across wrecks and enchanting marine flora. Masks off and finning as far as Pianosa, Pico in the Azores or the Cies Islands. 

The sea is not everything: islands where nature is even better than a tan
Ksamil in Albania, Cyprus, Madeira, Crete. These are just some of the islands where you can fully enjoy pristine nature and enchanting treks, like you've never seen them before. The union between sea and mountain, green and blue, will make everything even more incredible. In fact, these islands offer, in addition to the seas of magnificent colors, also the possibility of easily experiencing the wildest part, among waterfalls, volcanoes and forests. These islands are also suitable for those who are afraid of getting bored on the islands and prefer adventure to siesta. 

Islands of nightlife
How can we forget it? The sun, the sea, the beaches are not just relaxation and silence, on the contrary!
Very often they are an excellent trick to make the islands real open-air discos. There are islands that are mainly dedicated to nightlife that offer numerous parties, with many discos, open-air bars and group activities. They are islands where you can all be together but also to make new acquaintances. Ibiza, Formentera, Mykonos, Corfu are just some of the most popular destinations for this type of fun-filled holiday. Ready to dance?

The islands, all the same or all different? Each one offers the visitor something different, from adventure to relaxation, from diving to climbing, from culture to entertainment, all rigorously surrounded by sea waters. You just have to choose!