Holiday homes in Porto Azzurro, Elba Island


If you are looking for a holiday home in Porto Azzurro, Isliday.com is definitely the one for you: you can live unique experiences choosing among the best apartments in Porto Azzurro, suitable for all types of budgets and needs Porto Azzurro is a town on the east coast of the Island of Elba, a delightful fishing town where you can admire the true local traditions of this island. A beautiful port surrounds the whole town, facing a spacious square full of clubs, restaurants and shops. Directly on the sea, Porto Azzurro is an elegant place in which to breathe the salty air and venture into small corners of paradise. If this description fits the bill for you, book now a holiday home in Porto Azzurro on the Elba Island.


Like every municipality on the Island of Elba, Porto Azzurro also has its beautiful beaches to visit. Barbarossa, for example, is the largest beach in the area, reachable both by car and via the splendid Carmignani promenade.

Also on the list is the beautiful beach of Reale, nestled between two points of mining, which make it truly special.

And if you are a lover of picturesque places then the beach of Terranera is for you: a black beach, overlooked by a splendid green lake. Have you ever thought you'd find so much variety on just one island?

For those who love animals, Porto Azzurro also has the Mola beach, one of the very few Dog Beaches on the island, perfectly equipped for your furry ones.


Porto Azzurro is a little jewel that hides wonderful little places with a mysterious air. One of them is the splendid Sanctuary of the Madonna of Monserrato, just outside the village and all perched on a mountain. Built in 1606 under the Spanish domination, it has become a truly suggestive pilgrimage destination: between iron rocks and vegetation, it is certainly worth a visit, especially during foggy days, when the place seems shrouded in mystery.

A little further away there is a promenade which, in just under an hour, from a centuries-old pine brings up big time cross overlooking the country from which to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Porto Azzurro.


Porto Azzurro, in addition to splendid bays and enigmatic places, is famous for its own small town, considered one of the most cheerful and delightful on the island. There are many people who decide to spend their evenings among the beautiful clubs or to indulge in excellent fish-based dinners right on the sea. During the evening then how can you miss a nice walk in the historic center full of typical shops where you can go shopping?

The town of Porto Azzurro also offers one of the largest and best equipped ports on the island, also perfect for those arriving by yacht or sailing boat. The apartments for rent in Porto Azzurro are many and perfect for everyone: from those who love areas in central positions to those who prefer the open countryside of the island.

So what are you waiting for to book your holiday?