But how is the mountain on the island? ⛰

The mountains on the islands are, as you would expect, quite different from those on the mainland. Most of the island's mountains are warm during the summer and dominated by scrub, while in winter they pamper the visitor with a mild climate, excellent for spending days in nature and enjoying healthy sport. On some islands such as Corsica and Crete, on the other hand, you will have the opportunity to ski or go on snowshoe hikes overlooking the sea during the winter, a daydream!

In both cases, the mountains of the islands are perfect for enjoying your holiday on the island in an alternative and out-of-season way, getting to know it at 360 degrees.
It is true, if what you are looking for are sun, heat and white sand, then probably the summer season will be your favourite, but if you want to get to know this dimension even in less touristy periods, don't give up, it will be a nice discovery.

Lots of great activities 

The union between the sea and the mountains will open the doors to truly amazing activities. If you have never thought of the island as something other than swimwear and bathing suits, then it's a good time to try something alternative. What happens out of the water? Get ready to immerse yourself in the splendid nature of the place! Many islands are equipped for wonderful adventurous itineraries such as canyoning, rafting and via ferratas on the mountains, truly adrenaline-pumping experiences for those who love adventure. If, on the other hand, your intent is to enjoy a noteworthy panoramic point, gondola lifts and cable cars will take you to the most beautiful peaks. There will be ancient fortresses, hermitages and mining parks, mills, castles and enchanting villages all to be discovered in the heights of the island, beauties often overlooked but which are really worth knowing.

The old heart of the island

You will soon learn that the oldest countries are those in the mountains. The fishing villages, those that today are the most touristic ports, developed much later. In the islands it has always been essential to live far from the coasts and to use the highest points for the sighting of enemies, especially at the time of the pirate invasions. Precisely for this reason the mountain landscapes retain splendid traces of the ancient past. In the case of the island of Elba, for example, Etruscan menhirs and necropolises are hidden in the woods, high up, and can be reached via some of the most beautiful treks in the area.

There is more besides swimming!

Those who love sports will find themselves in a land of toys by choosing an island that has both beautiful waters and mountain trails! You can practice both diving and swimming in the open sea but also windsurfing or sailing. At the same time, mountain bike lovers will find unforgettable routes, with breathtaking landscapes and panoramas, where the mountains drop sheer directly into the waves of the sea.

Hikers will love the off-the-beaten-path paths that lead directly from the mountain to the sea. There are not only comfortable roads, often the most beautiful and wild places are those to be reached in narrow streets between uphill and downhill, only they manage to take us to secret coves or unexpected waterfalls.

It is difficult to give an idea of how many nuances there are on an island, but we can assure you that going beyond the usual tourist destinations, you will discover an incredible world, ready to amaze you a little more every day.