After disembarking from the characteristic yellow ship that will take you from the boot to Corsica, you will find yourself in Bastia, the second largest city in Corsica. Pretty and full of life, Bastia is very intuitive to visit on foot: from Saint-Nicolas square, take the Rue Napoléon dedicated to the great emperor and slowly enjoy the view of enchanting historic buildings, small shops and characteristic restaurants. Going all the way down the rue you get to the Jardin Romieu, take some panoramic photos and reach the Citadel, the historic heart of Bastia. Tiptoe into the church of Sainte-Croix where you will find the "black Christ" kept, an object of devotion for the local sailors and then continue to the unmissable Cathedral of Sainte Marie before visiting the historical museum of the city. Did you know that Victor Hugo lived within these walls for years?🖋

Erbalunga and Pietracorbara

Moving towards the "finger of Corsica" you will find a village hidden in the scrubland, totally pedestrian and nothing short of delightful: Erbalunga is a gem not to be missed. The village winds along the sea with its distinctive tower, offering unforgettable views to visitors. Here stands the church of Lavasina, which has become a pilgrimage destination due to the miraculous painting of Notre-Dame delle Grazie.

If you are looking for a small beach in the area where you can spend a few hours relaxing, stop a little further on in Pietracorbara. Almost a kilometer long and surrounded by greenery, it will be able to pamper you with its very fine golden sand.

Macinaggio and the path of the douaniers

Macinaggio is a lively town, the busiest in the Cap Corse and famous for its equipped port. In addition to the Caribbean beach of Tamarone, Macinaggio is known for the numerous hiking trails including the "sentier de douaniers" which will give you extraordinary views between Genoese towers and solitary coves.


The "sentier des douaniers" reaches a miniature village: Centuri. Dotted with colored houses that are reflected in the water, Centuri is a small fishing town now famous for its lobster-based menus, widely fished by the locals. If you love the sea, another reason why you shouldn't miss this stage is the beauty of the seabed of the place. Diving in Centuri is considered one of the most beautiful you can do during your holiday in Corsica. Don't forget to explore the surrounding villages too: Cannelle, Ortinola and Camera will enchant you with their timeless charm.


High up, overlooking the blue sea, is Nonza: a perched citadel that recalls the ancient fortresses. Both from the Church of Santa Giulia and from the characteristic square tower you will have a spectacular view of the beach below. Sharpen your vision! Many people enjoy creating drawings with white pebbles on the black beach, how many figures can you distinguish?

Saint Florent

Saint Florent is a truly fashionable destination, often compared to Saint Tropez and you will immediately understand why. Elegant and youthful, Saint Florent hosts numerous boats and yachts grabbing the title of second largest marina on the island after Ajaccio. In addition to the characteristic alleys and romantic aperitifs at sunset, this pretty town is the gateway to the sensational Agriate Desert, a natural park so arid that it recalls the desert environment. Along the desert you can stop at a secret dream beach: Saleccia. Surrounded by greenery, reachable only by sea or via a winding path, this white sand beach is among the most popular in Corsica. Mara offers breathtaking colors with infinite shades of blue that you will hardly forget.


Founded by Pascal Paoli, the city takes its name from the red color of the nearby Stone Island. It will be the folk bowl players who meet every day in Piazza Paoli, it will be the traditional covered market or the dream view from the lighthouse, whatever the reason Ile Rousse remains etched in the heart of those who visit it. Lose yourself in the narrow streets of its center and breathe in the salty air mixed with the Mediterranean scrub to fully enjoy this idyllic setting.


Last but not least, Calvi, a very well-known and touristic city, cannot be left behind. You can dedicate yourself to exploring the citadel above by visiting historic buildings of great importance such as that of the Genoese governors or the cathedral of Saint Jean-Baptiste, or take magnificent photos from the top of the ramparts. If, on the other hand, the sea is what you are looking for, then Calvi beach will be perfect for it