Holiday homes in Capoliveri, Elba Island

Holiday homes in Capoliveri

Capoliveri is a town on the Island of Elba, located on the east coast on top of a hill. Thanks to its position it offers incredible views of the island.

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Apartments in Capoliveri: the winning choice

Capoliveri is one of the most particular and beautiful villages on the island of Elba. A delightful and fascinating place, in the historic center you will find streets and alleys in which to wander and get lost, full of shops, restaurants and clubs. Tradition is one of the fundamental values of Capoliveri: along the main street you will find lots of kiosks where you can taste typical local products, such as fruit, cheeses and wines and many places that will make you feel at home.

The village is splendid and pleasant to visit both during the summer and at the end of the season when the famous grape festival takes place: the town of Capoliveri is divided into districts to kick off historical reconstructions and competitions of all kinds on the subject “vendemmia”, one of the funniest celebrations of the year on the island of Elba.

The rich hinterland of Capoliveri

The hinterland of Capoliveri is full of places to explore to make your Elba experience even richer.

Did you know that Elba was once a very important mining center dedicated to the extraction of pyrite and hematite? This type of activity was concentrated precisely in the Capoliveri areas. In fact, on Monte Calamita there are mines in operation until 1980.

While the mines of Calamita are open-air and offer almost Martian scenarios, those of Ginevro are real underground tunnels.

Today the Ginevro mines allow visitors access up to -24 meters below sea level, although they also reach -54 meters: a truly unique experience to enjoy one of the most beautiful sceneries on the island.

Unforgettable beaches in Capoliveri

Capoliveri is indeed a village perched on the mountains, but its surroundings hide beaches of rare beauty. Among the most famous there is certainly Lacona, a beach of golden sand, it is suitable for young people and families and is loved above all for its natural shade given by the pine trees along the seafront.

Another well-known beach in Capoliveri is that of the Innamorata, which narrates the most romantic legend of the island. The story is about a couple separated by the terrible Barbarossa; the young girl, deprived of her love, threw herself into the sea and was never found again. Every summer, on the 14th of July, a sixteenth-century re-enactment in honor of this legend can be relived in these areas.

Naregno, on the other hand, is a more shy beach, surrounded by Mediterranean scrub, where you can breathe peace and tranquillity. From here you can walk to the splendid Spanish-dominated Forte Focardo, and why not, take a dip in the beach below.

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