Holiday home in Villasimius and surroundings

Holiday home in Villasimius

If you are looking for something unmissable for this summer then don't miss out on renting a holiday home in Villasimius.

Called "the pearl of the south" for its incredible uniqueness, it is a small town that contains an infinity of natural beauties, including crystal clear sea, granite cliffs and museums, there are many possibilities that this beautiful village can offer you. In addition, this town is also known for its religious festivals and cuisine: local honey, wine, amaretti biscuits and typical Sardinian sweets for all tastes.

Go in search of holiday home in Villasimiusright for you and enjoy a little relaxation: you deserve it!

If you book the holiday home in Villasimius, discover the Borgo

The apartments for rent in Villasimius they are found inside a small jewel.

Treat yourself to a nice walk through the characteristic alleys, stop in one of the numerous cafes for a snack or an aperitif accompanied by good music. In the center you will also find excellent restaurants based on fresh fish. And if the evening is still not enough for you, there will be no shortage of liveliness and nightlife thanks to the well-kept discos in the area that will make your holidays sparkling and youthful.

You will find numerous restaurants right in the center of Villasimius holiday apartments for rent, ideal for those who love comfort and not having to move too much during their holidays.

Beaches and tanning in Villasimius

This area of ​​Sardinia is famous for its numerous and splendid beaches, which make it a very popular destination for tourists from all over Europe. The beaches are truly suitable for everyone, both sandy and pebbly and even rocky, which do you prefer?

We recommend the wonderful Porto Giunco, characterized by the imposing granite rocks or the wild Cala Pira, surrounded by coves and excellent spots for diving.

Did you know that in Villasimius there is a splendid protected sea area? Extended between the beaches of Capo Boi and of Punta Porceddus it is perfect for snorkelers and divers. Do not miss this area which will give you the opportunity to swim among colorful fish of all kinds and who knows, maybe even with some dolphins!

Another very exciting underwater excursion in the protected area is the one to the Madonna del Naufrago, to which an important festival is also dedicated in July. Near the Cavoli island you will find this beautiful sculpture sculpted in 1979 by an excellent Sardinian artist.

Holidays in Villasimius: not just the sea

If you want to get away from the beautiful beaches in the area, don't worry! Villasimius offers many very interesting areas to visit. There Fortezza Vecchia of the Spanish age, for example, which once served as a sentinel for pirate raids, can now be visited and also offers an interesting museum exhibition.

Even the archaeological Museum it is very interesting to visit, above all to understand a little more the history of this beautiful area of ​​Sardinia, you will find on display amphorae, ancient coins, tools and many other pieces dating back to the first centuries AD. A real gem for history lovers.

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